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The Bcc field does not automatically display in Outlook for Mac. This guide explains a larger version. The Bcc field should now remain for all new messages.
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Use the Bcc field to send an email message to one or more recipients without revealing email addresses to the other recipients. Using Bcc depends on certain circumstances , but is helpful when sending an email to undisclosed recipients in Outlook.

Send to individual email addresses

Instructions in this article apply to Outlook for Office , Outlook , Outlook , Outlook , and Outlook Recipients added to the Bcc field are not visible to the other recipients of the message, even others who are also in the Bcc list. In a new message, go to the Options tab. In a reply or forwarded message, go to the Message tab.

How Do I View the List of BCC’ed Recipients on an Email I’ve Received?

In the Bcc field, enter the recipients whose addresses you want to hide from other recipients. In the To field, enter at least one email address. This can be your email address or another email address. There is NO general right to privacy in Australia and using a BCC is a reverse denial in that the user is impossing their own privacy with NO right to do so!!

No problem. Leo, I can see the list of email addresses of the undisclosed recipients for 2 seconds on my iPad, everytime I open that email, before it turned into the undisclosed recepients name. If they can be seen, there must be a way extracting them, I strongly feel. Hi, if I look into my sent item — the email sent shows undisclosed recipients. How can I see whom I emailed?

When searching for a surname in Outlook Inbox emails appear in the search results but there is no mention of that particular surname anywhere within the email. I can only imagine that happening if there were some bug in the email sending program or website. I would say the same for the case where the BCC list appears momentarily on the iPad. Mark Jacobs I was under the same impression as you, but this is what happened that made me post a comment:.

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  3. Office 365: How to Enable Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc) in Outlook.

MSN Internet Explorer Go to sent mail, click on the small down arrow up by the sent by name, listed will be all of the BCC recipients below. BCCs are not in anyway visible to the recipients unless for some reason, there was a bug in the email program or webmail sending routine. However, some email programs allow the sender of the email to see the BCCs. If it ever does the sending email program is broken. Hey, I am having an issue ATM where gmail is showing a list of bcc recipients.

Driving me crazy trying to work out how. Flick me an email and I can show you if you like. Really odd behavior indeed. Is there is a way to know if an email sent to me using Outlook has recipients in the BCC? I just want to know if what I received is to me only of if the sender is letting someone else in on the conversation using Bcc.

I sent an email out today. Emails with Bccs and no address in the TO: field are sent just as well as if you had included an address in the To: field.

Auto BCC in Outlook 2016 for Mac

It gives a more professional appearance if you include your email address in the To field. I have read the articles as well as all comments. I believe I am on topic. The SMTP server which sends the email would get the email addresses as they need them to know where to send the emails to. The BCCed email addresses would be stripped off the header at that point and no longer be visible to anyone else.

Your outgoing mail service SMTP can see to whom you send mails. The recipient mail server cannot see BCC lines. But of course they could see that an identical message is being delivered to several people if all those people are on the same mail server. Actually Gaurav the answer is valid. Open a new email and click on the Options tab and click on the Show fields Bcc button.

Since the article answered the question, I assumed the commenter wanted to send via BCC, as that feature is hidden in Outlook.

Honestly, I just wanted to commend your patience Leo in answering so many questions on the same topic by those who had clearly not read article or previous comments. You have far more patience than I. It looks much more professional that way. I used the BCC to send several recipients some email.. Is this how my BBC recipients are seeing it too.. If so.. Thank you for any help you can provide me. Thats how BCC works. One is a copy of the mail you sent with BCC listed and one is the copy that was sent, and then arrived in your account since you sent to yourself without.

Or you could look around for one of these email programs that does it the way you want it done. If you have a large list, it might be difficult to send individual emails. Thunderbird, Outlook and probably some other email programs allow you to send individual emails by using the Mail Merge function.

An email program or web-mail interface should only say undisclosed recipients if you are only sending BCCs. The only explanation which comes to mind is that the email system you are using has a bug. OK, I get it. But somehow he included people who I Bccd. He added them as CCs.

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How is that possible? Another possibility is that he hacked your email account which, unfortunately, seems to be the greater possibility. So a reply all will go only to the To:, From:, and Cc: lines. No idea on the second. Could be anything from random spam to a hacked account to something inbetween. Comments violating those rules will be removed. Comments that don't add value will be removed, including off-topic or content-free comments, or comments that look even a little bit like spam. All comments containing links and certain keywords will be moderated before publication.


How to Add BCC in Outlook - Solve Your Tech

I want comments to be valuable for everyone, including those who come later and take the time to read. Ask Leo! Contact My Account 0. Search Ask Leo! Is there a way? Podcast audio. More than likely someone on your list is automatically forwarding. There is one way you may be able to track down the source.

Sending to many people at once isn't really one of them. The information is in there somewhere…. At least as far as know. Check the documentation for it. This is an opposite problem: I sent an email in Hotmail to a mailing list I have. Pls reply to this. Leo: There is a known bug in Exchange 5. Recipients are not stripped. Thanks for the pointer.

Thank you! It depends on the email program you use. That depends on your email program. You cannot. Spammers use BCC all the time. If i select reply to all than does it goes to BCC recipients also? Not directly, no. Quote — It would be wrong to do so.

How to Send BCC in Outlook 2019

Their information is not included in the copy of email that is actually sent. If it is happening, then there is a serious bug in the email system of the individual who sent the email in the first place. One of the email addresses you DID see in To: or Cc: could, for example, be auto forwarding to the manager.